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Thousand Helmet- Heritage 2.0 Helmet- Power Pink (Kids)

Thousand Helmet- Heritage 2.0 Helmet- Power Pink (Kids)

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Feel powerful and look pretty in pink with the Thousand Helmet - Heritage 2.0 Helmet - Power Pink! This kid’s helmet gives your child the comfort of knowing that they’re protected at all times while staying fashionable. This kid’s helmet also includes over a dozen stickers to personalize each helmet to your child’s liking!

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Improved Heritage 2.0 Designs & Safety

Featuring more ventilation for cooler riding, an integrated magnetic tail light option for increased safety, and a more inclusive fit, designed to fit more riders of all backgrounds more comfortably. Getting on your bike and exploring your city has never been easier or more comfortable.
Our new and improved design has prioritized comfort and convenience to enhance your biking experience. The increased ventilation ensures that even on hot summer days, you'll feel the cool breeze as you pedal through the city streets. No more sweaty rides or discomfort due to inadequate airflow.


Improved Ventilation For Better Cooling

Keep cool with our re-engineered vents and internal channeling for a 70% increase in ventilation over the original Heritage Collection.
The re-engineered helmet vents are strategically placed to optimize airflow, allowing for a refreshing breeze to circulate throughout the helmet.
But it doesn't stop there - the internal channeling takes this ventilation system to the next level. Designed with precision, these channels create a pathway for air to flow seamlessly from front to back, maximizing breathability and preventing overheating.


More Inclusive Fit To Protect Everyone

With a re-engineered head shape, new internal padding, and a proprietary fit system, the Heritage 2.0 fits more riders, more comfortably.
The designers have taken into consideration the diverse range of head shapes in order to create a helmet that provides maximum comfort.
To further enhance the comfort, new internal padding has been incorporated into the design. This padding is not only soft and plush, but also highly breathable, ensuring that riders stay cool even during long rides under scorching sun.


Magnetic Tail Light Compatible

Ride with added visibility with a removable magnetic tail light, sold separately. *Magnetic helmet light will be available late spring 2023.
The magnetic helmet tail light is designed to enhance your safety while riding, providing additional visibility to other road users. With its innovative magnetic attachment, it easily attaches and detaches from your helmet, giving you the flexibility to use it whenever needed.
Featuring a powerful LED light, this tail light emits a bright and steady beam that can be seen from afar. Its compact size ensures minimal interference with your cycling experience while still delivering maximum visibility.


Made With Sustainable Packaging

The Heritage 2.0 comes in a container made of recycled cardboard and a 100% bamboo dust bag.
Not only does the Heritage 2.0 prioritize sustainable materials in its design, but it also aims to minimize waste throughout its packaging process. The container is crafted from recycled cardboard, reducing the demand for new resources and diverting waste from landfills.
In addition to the eco-friendly container, each Heritage 2.0 bag comes with a dust bag made entirely from bamboo dust. This innovative choice of material not only provides a protective layer for the bag but also serves as another step towards sustainability.

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