• Powerful 750W Motor

    750W motor perfect for city or off-road adventures.

  • High-Capacity Lithium Battery

    Removable 15Ah battery for longer rides. Swap it easily.

  • 20-inch Anti-Slip Fat-Tire

    20-inch fat-tires for all terrains. Excellent grip and stability.

  • Eco-Friendly Riding

    Enjoy eco-conscious electric biking. Reduce your carbon footprint.

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Prospect Riding

Take on the open road and terrain with electric bikes from Prospect Riding. We’re your trusted provider for all things e-bikes and electric cruisers for kids, teens, and adults! Prospect Riding assembles every product with safety, innovation, and durability in mind since we take care of our customers.

We’re a family-owned and operated business, so we ensure that your bike or accessory is manufactured to our highest standards so that you and your family can share a beautiful riding experience. See some of the best e-bikes, helmets and accessories that Prospect Riding has to offer!


Ride with Power and Style: Meet Our Collection of eBikes!

What you ride says alot about you. Do it with Prospect Riding

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Our Commitment To E-Bike Innovation

Prospect Riding is committed to pushing the standards of e-bike technology. Our engineers are determined to get the most out of your riding experience. Everything comes together from the suspension, brake system, and seat choice to ensure an effortless ride.

Innovation is instilled at the heart of our company's core and family’s core. This is what separates us from the rest. Expect innovation, reliability, and durability with Prospect Riding products and accessories.

Tackle Any Terrain With Our Specialty E-Motor

Uphills, grassy terrains, mud, sand and uneven asphalt are no match for our e-motor! Prospect Riding has designed our electric motor to power through any tough terrain with ease. Choose between a 750W or 1000W electric motor to cruise through your terrain of choice.

Prospect Riding e-bike also has a battery range of up to 45 miles to get the most drive out of your experience. This is some of the highest-rated range for an electric bike on the market today!

Suspension & Handling Designed For Ultimate Comfort

Our premium selection of e-bikes features a 20-inch anti-slip fat tire to handle any wet conditions or rough terrains. Glide through every bump, knock, and crack that the open roads can bring! The e-bike frame is also lightweight, compact, and portable for anyone living in apartments.

The suspension is dialed in from years of experience test-fitting our bikes. Now, customers can enjoy perfect suspension for any road or terrain!

Dual Brake Safety System For Rider Protection

Safety is our biggest concern when it comes to our e-bikes and e-cruisers. Prospect Riding electric bikes are designed with a hydraulic disk brake for maximum stopping power. The open roads and terrain can bring uncertainty at times. That’s why we ensure that our brakes can stop your acceleration at a moment’s notice.

Prospect Riding e-bikes are often used by kids and teens as well, so their safety is our biggest concern since we’re a family-owned and operated business. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a quality e-cruiser bike from Prospect Riding.

Venice E-bike Battery

E-Bike Battery Performance at Prospect Riding

Prospect Riding's commitment to excellence extends to the heart of our e-bikes – the batteries. Our batteries are designed to offer reliability and longevity, ensuring you have the power you need for your rides. With a charging time of 5-7 hours, these batteries provide a range of 28-40 miles on battery-only mode and 35-45 miles with the pedal assist system.

Whether you're commuting or exploring off-road, our high-performance lithium-ion batteries deliver the speed and strength you need while offering the flexibility to switch between pedal-only mode and electric assistance, giving you a customized and efficient ride.

Ride into Excitement and Joy with Prospect Riding.

  • Power Package

    Designed with a 15Ah 750W 48V engineered brushless toothed motor, providing stronger performance with lower power consumption.

  • Comfort

    Equipped with 20-inch anti-slip Fat tires, and its double damping design offers a great shockproof effect.

  • Safety

    Additionally, the double disc hydraulic brake ensures shorter braking distances for a safe and comfortable ride.