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Prospect Riding Electric Bikes

Prospect Riding has produced a long line of premium electric bikes. Each bike has its own unique features and standards that make it the right choice for riders looking for a specific experience. Choose between our Malibu, Venice or Laguna Cruiser lines.

The Malibu Cruiser is the most economical choice, while the Venice Cruiser strikes a perfect balance between our affordable and luxurious lines. The Laguna Cruiser is by far our most innovative and advanced e-bike. Shop our e-bikes that fit your price and riding style!

Premium Selection of E-Bikes

Every bike is carefully crafted to perfect to fit your riding style and comfort. From single to dual-seat options, Prospect Riding creates an e-bike for every rider in mind. We got something for you whether you choose to share your experience with your kids or love lone riding!

Malibu Cruiser

The Malibu Cruiser e-bike features a two-seat option, allowing you to share your experience with your kid or loved one! Remove the additional seat to mount a basket in the front or rear to have extra carrying space for those long rides. Ride knowing that the Malibu Cruiser gives you up to 45 miles in range for those long-haul trips.

Laguna Cruiser

Introducing our top-of-the-line electric bike, the Laguna Cruiser. This e-bike features an extended long body premium leather seat that comfortably sits two people. Riders also enjoy a lightweight, compact and portable bike frame for easy maneuvering!

Venice Cruiser

The Venice Cruiser is our mid-tier e-bike that features some of the best specs from our economical and top-of-the-line selection. Enjoy a premium leather long-body seat that comes in your choice or black or brown. Feel a big difference in suspension with our 20-inch anti-slip tire that cruises through any terrain.

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