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Prospect Riding

Malibu Cruiser

Malibu Cruiser

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Introducing the Malibu e-bike, designed for convenience, versatility, and a thrilling ride. This is a great option for those smaller riders. With its step-through design, the Malibu e-bike offers easy entry and exit, ensuring effortless mobility. Customize your Malibu e-bike with a front basket and a rear cushion for a second rider, or opt for a rear basket to accommodate extra hauling needs.

E-Bike Specs:

Top Speed: 28 mph
Maximum Load: 260lbs
Max Range: 45 miles with Pedal Assist System
Bike Weight: 81.5lbs (Including Battery)
Max Rider Height: 6'5"
Tire Size 20-inch anti-slip Fat-Tire

E-Bike Size:

Bike Height: 43.3 inches
Bike Length: 27.5 inches
Bike Width: 56.1 inches
Packing Size: L56.1 x W10.6 x H34 inches

Battery Specs

Battery: 1200W 48V
Charging Time: 7 Hours
Removable Lithium Ion Battery 17.5AH - 48V
USB Charging Capability

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Electric Bike Perfectly Crafted For Efficiency & Comfort

Prospect Riding has crafted the Malibu Cruiser Electric Bike to outperform competitors in comfort, performance, and durability. This wasn’t an easy task, but we achieved this through countless rides and data collection.

Prospect Riding is a family-owned business, so we take into account every rider’s experience and body type with our electric bikes.

Once we’ve gathered enough information, we stepped up our engineering by fine-tuning the specs of the bike to get the most desirable riding experience possible! The bike is powered by a strong 1200W Peak Power Motor & 17.5Ah 48V lithium-ion battery.

No matter if you’re a teen or adult, you’ll get a comfortable riding experience with the Malibu Cruiser to glide through sand, concrete, dirt, and all terrains!

The Malibu Cruiser e-bike

Speed Through Coarse Terrains With This Electric Cruiser

Enjoy a top speed of 28+mph with the Malibu Cruiser! No matter, if you’re riding on concrete, asphalt, grass, sand, or anything in between, this electric cruiser will glide through the terrain.

The Malibu Cruiser is designed for those perfect sunny days to ride around the park, block, and even the beach boardwalk. To power the electric motor, simply pedal to get the bike going. Once you’ve reached your desired speed, then let the electric motor do the rest!

This electric motor is designed to maintain speed for when you’re feeling tired and need a break but don’t want to compromise the speed.

Electric Cruiser Designed For All Ages & Body Types

The Malibu Cruiser is made for people 5'0" - 6'0" and has a maximum load capacity of 260lbs. This allows anyone of all ages and body types to enjoy the riding experience that only Prospect Riding offers.

This electric bike also makes a great gift for kids and teens because they can share the bike amongst themselves for those outdoor family days. Whenever the kids aren’t using the bike, then parents don’t be shy about taking it for a spin!

The secret behind this electric bike’s versatility is the lithium-ion battery. This gives it the extra torque and push needed to handle both the rider’s body type and the terrain easily.

How Long Does It Take To Charge The Malibu Cruiser?

It takes about 5-7 hours to fully charge the Malibu Electric Cruiser. This cruiser is designed with a USB connection as well. This makes it convenient for anyone needing to charge the bike but doesn’t have the original charging adapter.

We recommend using the original charging adapter included with every bike to recharge the bike. This helps with the speed and efficiency of charge times.

This electric bike also has a range of 25-30 miles running on the battery only. This range is doubled with 45-55 miles when using the pedal assist system!

Get the most out of your Malibu Cruiser by combining the manual pedal assist system and the electric motor. Start off by pedaling to get the electric cruiser going.

Once you’ve reached your desired speed, then take a break and let the electric bike do all the work! This allows you to recharge your on physical stamina while enjoying a great outdoor bike ride. Once you’re ready then start pedaling again to let the electric motor conserve energy.

The Malibu Cruiser on the beach

Built-In Non-Slip Protection For A Safer Ride

When it comes to biking, safety should always be a top priority. That's why built-in non-slip protection is such a game-changer for cyclists. One innovative feature that has gained popularity is our 20-inch anti-slip fat tire.

The 20-inch anti-slip Fat-Tire offers bikers unparalleled stability and control on various terrains. With its unique design and specially engineered tread pattern, this tire grips onto surfaces like glue, reducing the risk of skidding or sliding.

No matter if you're riding over wet pavement, loose gravel, or even icy roads, these tires provide excellent traction that will keep you firmly planted on your bike.

Moreover, these anti-slip tires are not only about safety but also about performance. The increased grip allows riders to take sharper turns at higher speeds without compromising stability!

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Jack V.
Perfect Electric Bike

We are thrilled with our decision as this bike has far exceeded our expectations. Overall, we are extremely pleased with this purchase and highly recommend it

Andy T.
Perfect Bike...Well worth it.

The battery life is impressive, lasting for long rides without needing constant recharging. Plus, the speed it offers is just perfect

Shawn N.
Overall very happy!

I've had my bike for a few months now and I can say it's been incredible. it's my main mode of transport so I put over 15 miles into it daily.

Brenda M.
Love this bike, and the delivery!

I am thrilled with this bike and the delivery was fantastic! I have been using it pretty much everyday since I got it.

Mark D.
Makes a great gift.

I purchased this for my daughter's birthday, and it was a big hit! She absolutely loves it and hasn't stopped playing with it since she got it.