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Prospect Riding

Venice Cruiser

Venice Cruiser

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Embark on new roads, on or off, with our Venice Cruiser Electric Bike! This e-bike is the perfect PROSPECT for your next adventure, whether you're riding to school, commuting to work, or simply enjoying a fun ride in the great outdoors. With its sleek design and exceptional comfort, you can conquer any path in style.

E-Bike Specs:

Top Speed: 28 mph
Maximum Load: 331lbs
Max Range: 45 miles with Pedal Assist System
Bike Weight: 81.5bs (Including Battery)
Max Rider Height: 6'5"
Tire Size 20-inch anti-slip Fat-Tire

E-Bike Size:

Bike Height: 43.3 inches
Bike Length: 27.5 inches
Bike Width: 65 inches
Packing Size: L56.1 x W10.6 x H34 inches

Battery Specs

Battery: Robust 750W 48V
Charging Time: 7 Hours
Removable Lithium Ion Battery 15AH
USB Charging Capability

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Electric Bike Designed For All Terrains

Prospect Riding started with one simple idea. Our objective is to deliver the best electric bike that can handle soft to hard terrains like concrete, asphalt, grass, and dirt! Through many trials and tribulations, we’ve achieved that with the Venice Cruiser.

Enjoy our electric bike that features a top speed of 28+ mph and a soft suspension that glides through every bump. The secret behind the suspension is our time-tested suspension data, where we take notes of every bump, knock, and impact that the roads provide.

Over time, we take our notes to our engineers to analyze data and dial in the suspension to get the smoothest performance for our electric bikes.

Electric All Terrain Bike

Enjoy Beach Rides With Venice Cruiser E-Bike

No beach ride isn’t complete without the Venice Cruiser E-Bike! Take a breath of fresh air as you zoom through the beach boardwalk with every push of the pedal. The Venice Cruiser electric beach cruiser is designed for minimal effort! Meaning that a couple of strokes of the pedal is enough to speed through what’s in front of you.

Best of all, this beach cruiser maintains speed even if you stop pedaling! Once you’ve reached your desired speed, just sit back and relax as you let the bike maintain the speed. When you feel like going faster, simply push the pedals with your legs to get the speed you want.

Electric Bike Designed For Kids & Adults!

Prospect Riding understands the need of keeping your inner child present through every stage of life. That’s why the Venice Cruiser is designed for heights of 5’2 - 6’5. This gives kids, teens, and adults the same opportunity to ride the bike whenever it isn’t in use.

The Venice Cruiser also has a maximum load of 331 lbs. This gives big and tall people the comfort of knowing that they can ride the electric bike without any issues!

While the electric bike can seem small and mobile, don’t get fooled by its presence. It punch a punch of speed with every stroke of the pedal.

What Is The Charging Time For The Venice Cruiser?

On average, charging time takes anywhere from 5-7 hours and has a battery life of 28-40 miles on battery only, and 35-45 miles with the pedal assist system.

Pedal and use the electric battery to get the most performance and efficiency out of your Prospect Riding cruiser. This allows both the battery and you to take breaks in between and use energy and power when needed.

Simply push the pedals to get the bike going and let the 750W 48V battery maintain the speed whenever you’re feeling tired. Want to conserve battery power? Then power the bike with every stroke of the pedal!

Venice E Bike Cruiser

How To Charge The Prospect Riding Venice Cruiser

The Venice Cruiser electric bike has a USB charge port for compatible devices. 

Be sure to charge the battery for at least 5-7 hours to get a full battery life. It’s best to use the original charge port provided by Prospect Riding to recharge your battery.

The Venice Cruiser is powered by a strong 750W 48V lithium-ion battery. This gives the rider accessibility to top speeds of 28+ mph. Just a few kicks of the pedal is all you need to feel the power of this electric beach cruiser. You can set a max speed limit for the younger rider at home.

Can The Venice Cruiser Be Converted To Kilometers?

Yes, our electric beach cruiser can be converted to kilometers! In fact, it already comes out of the box in kilometers. Simply follow our manual instructions or watch our video to convert the bike into miles per hour.

Prospect Riding makes all of our bikes with every user in mind. Whether you’re from a country that uses the metric system or imperial system, we’ve got you covered! We want all of our customers to know exactly how fast their speed is to ensure safety. This is what makes our brand so different from the competition, we care for everyone!

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Xavier Richie
Fantastic experience!

My whole purchasing experience was awesome! Dealing with Jacob Romano was refreshing. He followed through on everything he said he would and was punctual. Bike was a breeze to assemble and has been fun to ride. Will be purchasing another soon!

Joe B.
Zero Complaints

The assembly process was straightforward and hassle-free, requiring minimal effort. Additionally, the charging capability of the bike is impressive,

Alan K.
WOW what a great bike!

The shipping was incredibly quick, and arrived within just a few days. As soon as they were assembled, we took them out for a ride and were thrilled by their smooth performance

James P.
Worth the $$

I couldn't be happier with my bike and I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and comfortable ride.

Ron J.
Works Great

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the quality and functionality of this bike, which proved to be an excellent investment.

Joann H.
Wonderdul Bike

I really like this bike, I use it to go to work. Makes commuting so much more enjoyable and eco-friendly too.

Daphnie E.
Very well built.

This purchase turned out to be a great decision as the pedal assist bike exceeded our expectations and delivered an impressive performance.

Janet L.
Very nice dependable bike

After researching various options, I decided to purchase prospect Ebike. The process was so satisfying that I ended up ordering a second one for my partner as well.

Sean S.
This ebike is awesome

I'm so pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it to other parents looking for a great gift for their kids.

Jared Q.
They delivered it fast.

Putting together this ebike turned out to be a breeze. The process was straightforward and easy to follow, making it suitable for anyone regardless of technical expertise.