Family Picture About Us

Prospect Riding is a family-owned company based in San Diego, CA, committed to providing great quality, stylish, and safe eBikes. Our vision and goals revolve around empowering individuals to disconnect from screens and reconnect with friends, family, and the outdoors. Whether you're riding to the beach, exploring trails with friends, or commuting to work or school, we invite you to explore your ride with us. At Prospect Riding, we believe that every ride is an opportunity to embrace adventure and endless possibilities. Explore Your Ride. Prospect.

Our Story

Our story all started with a chill day at the beach, just watching the waves and seeing families and teens having a blast on their ebikes along Hwy 101. Our 15-year-old son, Joe, had this idea of making cool branded t-shirts and hoodies, but it turned into something way bigger!

You know what hit us? It was those awesome family rides in the great outdoors that got us all excited! So, we decided to dive in headfirst and do some serious research. We tested loads of bike models and styles until we got a few that Joe totally gave the thumbs up to.

But that wasn't enough! We wanted our ebikes to be a hit with both teenagers and adults, and most importantly, they had to be super safe. We clocked over 1,200 miles testing and tweaking to get the perfect battery range and motor combo. We dialed up the suspension to ensure the smoothest and comfiest rides ever. And with these ebikes packing extra speed and weight, we knew we needed top-notch hydraulic brakes for safety.

Man, we poured our hearts into this project, and our love for family bonding and outdoor adventures drove every decision we made. Today, we're stoked to introduce our awesome collection of ebikes that bring joy, safety, and excitement to every single ride. Get ready to have a blast out there!

We truly appreciate your support and business. From all of us at Prospect Riding, Thank you! – Monica, Jacquie, Abby, Joe, and Jacob – Infinite Paths. One Prospect!