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Evolution 1016/1055/1090 Integrated Chain

Evolution 1016/1055/1090 Integrated Chain

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This high-security chain lock features a tough, 10mm six-sided chain link made from manganese steel for maximum strength and durability. With its integrated smart key port, you can lock and open the chain at a moment’s notice!


Lock Type Key
Primary Color Black
Bracket No
Thickness In mm 10mm
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Specs & Features:

  • Comes in 55cm, 90cm, and 160cm lengths
  • Includes one key
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Key Safe Program included
  • 10mm six-sided chain links made of 3t manganese steel
  • High-security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill-resistant

Engineered & Designed For Maximum Security

With a hardened double deadbolt design and an integrated disc-style cylinder, this lock offers unparalleled security and peace of mind. The sliding keyhole cover ensures that the keyhole is protected against any would-be lock picking and theft.

Meanwhile, the tough 3T manganese steel is there to prevent any cutting, sawing, and damage to your bike lock. The Kryptonite Evolution 4 Chain Lock provides unbeatable protection that deters even the most determined thieves.

Its sturdy construction not only withstands brute-force attacks but also resists leverage attempts thanks to its sturdy links. This design comes standard with Kryptonite 1016, 1055, and 1090 integrated chains.

Lightweight & Portable For Easy Transportation

The Kryptonite Evolution 4 Chain Lock is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and use wherever you go. Coming in at a light 6.10 lbs, the compact design allows for effortless storage in a backpack, bag, or even the bike frame, ensuring that you always have reliable protection on hand.

The protective nylon sleeve also prevents any scratches and damages that can occur when using unprotected chain bike locks. Kryptonite not only cares about the safety of your bike, but also it’s condition!

Key Recovery Program Included

Are you worried that you’ll lose your key and be locked out forever? Don’t be! With the Key Safe Program, Kryptonite offers a worry-free solution. By registering your lock's unique key code online, you can easily order a replacement key if yours ever goes missing.

This program ensures that you always have access to your belongings and never find yourself stranded without the means to unlock your Kryptonite Evolution 4 Chain Lock.

The key itself is made from rugged, durable materials that are designed to resist wear and tear over time. It features an ergonomic design for easy handling and smooth operation, allowing you to quickly secure or release the chain lock without any hassle.

Additionally, the lock mechanism is equipped with advanced anti-pick technology, ensuring that only authorized individuals can gain access!

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