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Accessories for Every Rider

Prospect Riding holds safety to the highest standard. Choosing the right helmet not only protects your head from serious injuries but also enhances your overall riding experience.

Today, we’re proud to supply riders with our own line of quality helmets that are available in a variety of designs, materials, and styles. From traditional equestrian helmets to sleek and lightweight options specifically designed for prospect riders, there is something for everyone!

Prioritizing Safety With Thousand Heritage

The Malibu Cruiser e-bike features a two-seat option, allowing you to share your experience with your kid or loved one! Remove the additional seat to mount a basket in the front or rear to have extra carrying space for those long rides. Ride knowing that the Malibu Cruiser gives you up to 45 miles in range for those long-haul trips.

Ride With Style, Comfort & Security

Introducing our top-of-the-line electric bike, the Laguna Cruiser. This e-bike features an extended long body premium leather seat that comfortably sits two people. Riders also enjoy a lightweight, compact and portable bike frame for easy maneuvering!