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KryptoLok 912/990 Combo Chain

KryptoLok 912/990 Combo Chain

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Secure your bike with confidence using the Kryptonite Kryptolok Combo Chain, the ultimate solution for protecting your two-wheeled pride and joy. Featuring a combination lock and key lock for double the protection against theft and any potential threats!


Bracket No
Lock Type Combination
Thickness In mm 9.5mm
Primary Color Black
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Specs & Features:

  • 4-sided 3T Manganese steel links
  • Choose between 3ft & 4ft bike lock chain length
  • 9.5mm chain link thickness
  • Includes 1 bike lock key
  • 5-digit resettable combination with over 99,000 possible codes
  • Includes Combo Safe Program
  • Available Anti-Theft Protection $1,750

Double Locks For Double Security

This robust chain is crafted from tough manganese steel, ensuring maximum cut resistance and durability against theft attempts. Any sawing, cutting, and pulling of the chain is no match for this forged steel chain.

This bike lock is engineered with a combination lock and key lock to add extra security for your prized two-wheel possession! Use your key to unlock the chain or punch in the combination for quick release.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Combo Chain also features a protective nylon cover that prevents scratches and keeps the chain looking sleek. This advanced tool seamlessly integrates functionality with style.

The 4-foot length offers versatile locking options so you can safeguard not only your frame but also wheels and accessories simultaneously – no need for multiple locks or cables!

Wherever life takes you on two wheels, be reassured that this strong yet flexible chain is there to deter thieves and provide unmatched peace of mind.

Resettable Combination Locks For Your Convenience

The integrated 4-digit resettable combination lock provides convenient security without the hassle of carrying keys.

The 5-digit resettable combination feature allows you to set your own unique code, giving you peace of mind, knowing that only those who know the combination can access your items.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Combo Bike Lock Chain also includes the Combo Safe Program. This program allows you to register your lock's unique combination online, providing an added layer of security in case you forget or misplace it.

By registering your combination, Kryptonite will keep a record of it on file and send you a reminder if needed. This way, you can always have access to your items without the fear of being locked out.

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