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New York Cinch Ring Chain

New York Cinch Ring Chain

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Keep your bike safe and secure with the Kryptonite New York Cinch Ring Chain. This top-of-the-line security chain provides unparalleled protection against theft, giving you peace of mind whether you're running errands or leaving your bike outside for an extended period.


Bracket No
Primary Color Black
Thickness In mm 12mm
Lock Type Key
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Specs & Features:

  • 12mm six-sided chain links made of 3T hardened manganese steel for maximum strength
  • Cinch loop for effective lock-ups using less chain
  • Durable, protective nylon cover with hook-n-loop fasteners to hold in place
  • Includes evolution series 4 disc lock with 14mm max-performance steel shackle
  • Higher security disc-style cylinder with reinforced anti-drill, anti-pull protection system
  • Patented*, oval hardened steel crossbar for extra security
  • Hardened double deadbolt locking for extensive holding power
  • Sliding dustcover protects and extends cylinder life
  • 3 stainless steel keys – one lighted with high-intensity bulb & replaceable battery

Compact Size-Huge Lock Strength!

The 12mm six-sided chain links are made of hardened manganese steel, making it virtually impenetrable by bolt cutters or saws. Paired with the high-security disc-style cylinder lock, this chain offers maximum resistance against leverage attacks and picking, ensuring that your bike remains exactly where you left it.

In addition to its unbeatable strength and durability, the Kryptonite New York Cinch Ring Chain is designed with convenience in mind. The cinch loop feature allows for more effective locking configurations and easy transportation when not in use. The nylon sleeve over the chains helps protect your bike from scratches while also adding an extra layer of security!

Fits In Any Bag, Backpack or Bike Frame

The Kryptonite New York Cinch Ring Chain is easily transportable due to its compact size. You won't have to worry about lugging around a bulky lock or struggling to find a secure place for it when you're not using it. Simply cinch it up, tuck it away in your bag, and forget about it until you need it again.

The nylon sleeve that covers this chain serves dual purposes: protection and added security. Not only does the sleeve safeguard against potential scratches on your beloved bicycle's frame, but it also adds an extra layer of deterrence against would-be thieves.

Backed By Lifetime Protection & Recovery

The Kryptonite New York Cinch Ring Chain includes lifetime warranty through its Key Safe Program. The program offered by Kryptonite guarantees peace of mind for users of the New York Cinch Ring Chain.

In case you misplace or lose your keys, simply register your product on their website and take advantage of their free key replacement service. This lifetime warranty ensures that you never have to worry about being locked out of your own bicycle.

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