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Keeper 512 Combo Cable

Keeper 512 Combo Cable

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The Kryptonite Keeper 512 Combo Cable features a tough steel cable that resists cutting and sawing with its 5mm steel cable lines. The combination locking mechanism allows for quick and easy access without the need for keys, making it convenient for everyday use!


Bracket No
Internal Lock Size Metric 122cm
Internal Lock Size Imperial 4'
Primary Color Black
Thickness In mm 5mm
Lock Type Combination
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Specs & Features:

  • Kryptonite U-Lock Deterrent Security System
  • Pre-set 4-digit combination
  • Protective vinyl cover
  • Self-coiling, flexible twisted steel cable
  • Recommended for quick-release component and accessory lock-up
  • Finish Line Dry Teflon Lube already coated inside the lock provides additional durability and protection

Maximum Chain Length & Bike Lock Security

With a generous length of 4 feet, this lock provides ample room to secure your bike to various stationary objects, giving you the flexibility to park securely in any location. Its durable vinyl coating protects against scratches and damage to both your bike and the locking mechanism, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

This bike lock also comes with a pre-set 4-digit combination that provides extra security for when you want to store your bike. The lock is designed with high-grade steel to handle any would-be cutting, sawing, and thefts.

Versatile Protection For Bikes, Scooters & More!

The Kryptonite Keeper 512 Combo Cable offers versatile protection for not only bikes but also scooters, skateboards, and other valuable equipment. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring new trails on your bike, this lock provides an essential layer of security wherever you go.

The sturdy construction and weather-resistant design make it suitable for outdoor use in all types of conditions, so you can enjoy peace of mind no matter where you park your bike. Its compact size allows for easy storage when it's not in use, making it a practical solution for frequent cyclists looking to safeguard their belongings without compromising on convenience.

Self-Coiling System For Compact Transportation

The Keeper Combo Cable is also designed with a self-coiling system that immediately retracts into its circular shape for compact transportation and mobility. This feature ensures you never have to deal with tangled cables or awkwardly long locks again.

With a simple twist, the cable neatly coils up and can easily fit into your backpack or securely attach to your bike frame. Prospect Riding Co. recommends attaching the bike lock to your bike frame for easy portability and transportation!

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